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A life of surprises

Odd times indeed on eBay.  When I pointed out this poster last week, it was more for entertainment than investment value. But it went for £104.  Not so funny indeed. I should have been less surprised that these two pieces of prime psychedelia went for £143 each.  They’re by the wonderful Dan Fern and printer-fresh. […]

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When I wrote about poster hoardings and their rather surprising effects last week, the comments section ended up as a bit of a debate on how posters survive.  Were the few that remain only saved because the designers and a few other far-sighted people connected with their production and display collected them (the Malcolm Guest […]

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Modern British Collecting

I’ve had Paul Rennie’s Modern British Posters: Art, Design & Communication for a few weeks now, and am guiltily aware that I haven’t given it a proper mention yet.  Now there are a whole heap of real life reasons why this hasn’t happened, which I won’t go on about, but I am also aware that […]

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Railway posters vs design

It was a long day, watching the Morphets auction.  And as all of those posters went buy, one after another going for way more than the Crownfolio budget, I found myself getting more and more jaded.  Until, by the end of the auction, I was quite glad that we’d only bought one single lot. It […]

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Why would you want to buy a poster?

I could say quite a lot about railwayana and other transport obsessives.  And even more about eBay.  But for now, it’s enough just to say that one reason to buy a poster might be to decorate your bus.  Yes, you heard me right there. That’s why this eBay seller is suggesting you buy these.  The […]

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