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Posters on Parade

When I was trying to find some festive-looking posters the other day, my search, rather wonderfully, came up with this in the Science and Society picture library. We find ourselves at Blackpool station in 1925, and the cart is getting ready to take part in Blackpool Carnival.  Here’s what’s on display: London, Midland & Scottish […]

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The New Wave

I thought I’d said pretty much everything I could say about Sotherans by now, in particular about the unlikelihood of being able to sell posters at such prices in a world where, thanks to the internet, everyone should agree on what a poster is worth.   But it seems that modern technology  has made precisely […]

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Show Card

The designs here may at least be familiar to careful readers and/or shoppers. Because both of these appeared in the final Morphets sale last year.  The blue bird above is by Tom Eckersley, the happy beach kit below by Abram Games. But these particular examples aren’t posters, instead they are rather wonderful display cards, presumably […]

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Today on Quad Royal, a reader’s question.  And it’s not one I can answer, so I thought I’d throw it open to you lot. Take a look at this. A classic.  A Norman Wilkinson classic from 1930 to be precise. But now take a look at the small print. Travel information from the Associated British […]

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Spacing Oddity

Just in case you thought it was all organised and museum-perfect here, a tale.  I discovered a poster tube in Mr Crownfolio’s office, labelled ‘selling’ and in it, quite apart from a poster I could have sworn we’d sold years ago, I found these two oddities which I had also completely forgotten about.  But when […]

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With this post, I am coming dangerously close to heckling myself.  Worse, I am heckling myself about railways and railwayana.  So I shall keep it brief; those of you with a sensitive disposition should look away now. Last week I mentioned this poster, which is coming up for sale at Christies next month.  I wondered […]

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