Show Card

The designs here may at least be familiar to careful readers and/or shoppers.

Tom Eckersley Holiday Haunts showcard

Because both of these appeared in the final Morphets sale last year.  The blue bird above is by Tom Eckersley, the happy beach kit below by Abram Games.

Abram Games Holiday Haunts showcard

But these particular examples aren’t posters, instead they are rather wonderful display cards, presumably for use in ticket offices and travel agents.

two British Railways showcards on our mantelpiece

This might seem like an extravagant piece of publicity, but Holiday Haunts was a major production for British Railways, with over 200,000 copies printed at its peak.  (If you want to know more, I’ve gone on about it at some length before.)

The design alone was quite enough reason to get these (from eBay, for a reasonably small sum), but actually the format is fantastic.  They’re small and have their own stands.  We don’t need to frame them or find some wall space and they look very fetching on the mantlepiece. I’m starting to think all posters should look like this.

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