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For those of you in or near London a public information broadcast.  Friend of this blog, Neil Jennings is mounting an exhibition next week at the Art Workers Guild in Queen Square in Bloomsbury.  The cast list looks wonderful, including as it does Edward Bawden, Barbara Jones, Barnett Freedman and Kenneth Rowntree.  And this poster too, apparently.

Michael Middleton 1936 vintage LT poster

It’s by Michael Middleton, who’s new to me, and dates from 1936, apparently.

Anyhow, the show is open Mon, Thursday and Friday for the next couple of weeks, starting on the 5th and you can go and see it if you like.

  • Do you know what’s happened to this show? (You will note I’ve done little but read your entire blog for the last 24 hours – it’s that good!)

    On the subject of Rowntree, if you didn’t see this sale, then you might enjoy this. Sadly I’d never really paid attention to him previously, to my shame, and didn’t manage to buy anything.


  • I can answer my own question – though Jennings’s website is down and the AWG site no longer lists it. For any other readers of this blog it appears to be 9-5 on 15th, 16th and 19th.

  • So go now. I typically ended up in London on the 14th so didn’t make it. Next time!

  • Oh, and also thank you for the Kenneth Rowntree link which is fantastically good and might well end up as a post on its own. I’ve come across him here and there, but never paid full attention and sadly wasn’t even looking at auctions when this sale came along. I will now be paying proper attention from henceforth on.

  • So I have just come back, what a nice show, thank you. The Middleton was very good in the flesh, but sadly came with a red sticker. It was in fact an original art-college design, not a poster, Middleton never having made it as an artist, instead as a writer.

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