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Sad sack

This post is very simply two good things which have arrived on my desk recently.  The first is this Central Office of Information poster from 1950, photographed as well as I can manage under the rather folded circumstances. I know it’s from 1950 because that is when, apparently, the Anglo-American Council on Productivity produced their […]

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Surf, psychosis and Audrey Hepburn

Remember I asked last week where all the traditional railway posters have gone?  Well now I know the answer: they’re all in the forthcoming Onslows Sale. Ronald Lampitt, 1948, est. £500-600 There’s no shortage of them yet, that’s for certain.  In fact, in some wierd inversion of the natural order of the world, Onslows are […]

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Meet Royston Cooper. I rather wish I had, actually.  Quite a few people have contacted the blog over the last year or two about him, and they all remember an extraordinary and extrovert character. The picture was drawn by James Holland, a friend of Royston’s, in 1954, and was very  kindly passed on by the artist’s […]

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Thick and Thin

This has been hanging around on the bookshelves for a bit, waiting to find a home. Which is quite a tricky problem as I can’t exactly roll it up as it’s on card.  Fortunately I’m starting to quite like it where it is; it may be there for a while. The design is by Royston […]

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Going, gone

So it’s back to work after the birthday festivities, which today means a brief round-up of eBay and auction news.  Such as there is. Thebasement101 seems to have an almost inexhaustible stock of slightly obscure London Transport posters backed on linen.  He has put another three up for sale this week, of which my favourite […]

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History coaching

Happy New Year.  I’ve had flu, so Quad Royal will be easing itself gently into 2011 for the next week or two. Today, I will be mostly reminding you about this. A coach.  Which is advertising The Golden Age of Coach Travel on BBC4 tonight (full details here if you want to know more). I have […]

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