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Happy New Year.  I’ve had flu, so Quad Royal will be easing itself gently into 2011 for the next week or two.

Today, I will be mostly reminding you about this.

BBC coach golden age image

A coach.  Which is advertising The Golden Age of Coach Travel on BBC4 tonight (full details here if you want to know more).

I have no idea whether there will be posters or not, but I will be watching intently, just in case they show something of this ilk.

Daphne Padden coach poster vikinds

Or indeed this.

Royston Cooper vintage coach poster

And yes, this does make me a bit nerdy, but what the heck.  This may be the year to embrace my inner nerd.

Should these posters whet your appetite, a few have appeared on eBay too.  For example this Daphne Padden.

Daphne Padden vintage coach poster on eBay

Or a Harry Stevens.

Harry Stevens vintage coach poster on eBay

And even a Royston Cooper.

Royston Cooper vintage coach poster roundel

They’re all on offer from the same seller, and all currently at reasonable prices, although with a week to go, this may change.  Once again I suspect someone churning some Morphets’ purchases, but obviously this is just a theory rather than any hard facts.

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