Look, there are fish on this page

So, family Crownfolio are back from France, and we have bought some fish.  Which is not unusual, but this is graphically handsome fish.  And charmingly retro to boot, too.

Mackerel tin

It comes from the Conserverie La Belle Iloise who have reissued, if that’s the right word, some of their packaging from 1960.  So we had to buy some.

We brought home some slightly earlier works too.

Even their more modern graphics are worth a look.

There’s plenty more on their website – there is only so much tinned fish that could be carried home in a small car – including the lobster soup and a particularly lovely box of 1960s-packaged goodies.  But the website’s a bit odd and won’t let me link to them, so you’ll just have to go on there and find them yourself.  Mind the seagulls when you do.

A normal service will be resumed later this week.  Did I miss anything while I was away?

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