Open wide please

I don’t have time to write complicated posts at the moment, and now I can’t even manage to write the easy post I was going to do because that’s turned all complicated too.  So instead, have these.

1950s dental poster on eBay by Montague Reed

There’s three of them, they’re on eBay (currently and inexplicably with no bids at all) and I think they’re rather lovely.  They’re by Montague Reed, about whom I know nothing at all (and, because he shares his name with a firm of accountants in Bagshot, is almost impossible to Google sensibly).  Has anyone else come across him?

1950s dental poster on eBay by Montague Reed

But Mr Crownfolio says, quite rightly, that we’d never put them up and so why would we buy them?

1950s dental poster on eBay by Montague Reed

He’s right, of course.  Although that still doesn’t explain the other three hundred posters that aren’t on the wall either.

But you could have a go.  As the listing says, why buy a reproduction bit of 50s kitch, when you could have the real thing?

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