the fifteenth

I know I said I liked yesterday’s poster.  But this is perhaps my favourite of all.

Lewitt Him vintage GPO Christmas poster 1941

It’s by Lewitt Him, and is a delight in every way.  The poster was issued at Christmas 1941, and I very much like the idea that a wartime Christmas was cheered up by this spotty hound doing his bit.  Must have made a change from all of the Ministry posters haranguing you from every wall.

  • Isn’t it amazing that the last posting date never altered. Even in the middle of a World War. Very British. Pity the Royal Mail is about to be privatised. All that history and tradition lost forever. God knows when the last posting date will be for Christmas 2011. Or how much it will cost to send a letter to the Orkneys..

  • Just as it should be. Meanwhile, in our reasonably-sized market town, the main post office can’t even stay open some days because of ‘staffing issues’. I think we may have lost some national character somewhere along the way.

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