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Be prepared

Hurrah, an auction.  It’s about time we had a nice chunky set of British posters for sale, and it’s Bloomsbury Auctions who are obliging this time, on the 16th February. Once again, there are incalculable quantities of airline posters.  Where do they all come from? I don’t remember them being in auctions a few years […]

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Posters on Display

There was more to the Beverley Pick book than could fit into one single post. Ironically, what got left out last time was posters: to be precise their display, as demonstrated in this wonderful illustration by Mr Pick. It particularly jumped out at me because we have the poster at the bottom left, which I wasn’t […]

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The Price of Everything

Today, a miscellany of stuff, mostly for sale.  And it’s a mixed bag of good, bad and ugly.  Shall we start with the latter? This, um, rarely seen poster is being sold by an American auction house in an internet auction on Sunday.  Although I tell you this more as a warning than an invitation […]

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Blue Sky Thinking

I could really do with a good auction now.  Even though we don’t have the wall space for anything else and probably would end up buying next to nothing, I’d still enjoy the excitement.  So, after Swann Galleries emailed to say that they had a wonderful set of London Transport posters in their forthcoming auctions, […]

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What is the range of activity of the commercial artist in Britain?

That’s what this copy of Graphis is asking in 1950. (And yes, the cover is by Tom Eckersley). Unfortunately for us, most of the answers are in black and white, apart from this design for Kia-ora by Lewitt-Him. And this Christmas advertisement for Simpsons of Piccadilly. I think there may have been some more at […]

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Amidst all the chaos of moving, a pleasant surprise, in the form of this Lewitt-Him children’s book, which was discovered squashed between two bigger poster books on the shelves. Now I’ve blogged about their books before, and even mentioned this in passing but I had no idea we owned a copy of it at all. […]

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