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The train now arriving

This photo was brought to my attention on Twitter last week, and I got very excited because it was labelled as The Bakerloo Line at Piccadilly Station, 1970.   I was all ready to launch a whole blog post on the back of this, talking about how the 1950s style of graphic advertising persisted for far longer […]

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Owl showing time

I’ve already mentioned Neil Jennings’s Barbara Jones show which starts today in Hampstead. Apparently for the last week his house has been filled with Barbara Jones artworks like this. And this. I don’t know how he copes.

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Popular, again

We’ve been beaten to it!  For a while now, me and Serge and Tweed have been thinking that what the world needs is a complete re-staging of Barbara Jones‘ Black Eyes and Lemonade Exhibition, which was held at the Whitechapel Gallery as part of the Festival of Britain celebrations in 1951. I’ve written about the […]

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Bear necessities

Earlier this week, I made it down to London to take a look at the British Murals and Decorative Painting exhibition, as mentioned a few weeks ago. I still love this. Although I have faced up to the fact that we have neither the funds nor a wall space large enough.  Mind you, it was […]

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Add To Cart

I could quite happily just give you this single picture and consider it a complete post, because it’s just fantastic What I’m showing you here is a three and half metre long mural by Barbara Jones called ‘Out in the Hall’ from 1962.  I have no idea what it was painted for – although given […]

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Modern Tendencies

Reader request day today on Quad Royal.  This isn’t something I often do, but Paul Durham has asked for some help from you lot.  He’s trying to find as many images as he can of the posters that were issued by Heals for their exhibitions in the Mansard Gallery.  This was right at the top […]

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