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Never apologise, never explain.  Only it has been rather a long time, for which I am sorry.  I hope that the new look (and concurrent ability to be seen properly on a mobile device) are some small consolation.

I will explain the gap properly in the next post (the short version being that I have discovered there is a limit as to how much writing even I can do in a day), but in the meantime I need to tell you that I will be appearing in real life next week, in that London.

I’m speaking as part of an event at the London Transport Museum which accompanies their Poster Girls exhibition, along with properly qualified people like Oliver Green and Ruth Sykes.  I will discussing how women designers portrayed women between the wars, which will mostly involve going on about this Dora Batty poster at inordinate length.

Dora Batty There is Still The Country London Transport 1927

It’s a good looking piece of design, but it’s also kicking great holes in the expectations of what women are meant to do on posters, which can only be a good thing.

If you can’t make it, I also wrote most of it down as an essay in the exhibition catalogue.  I’d like to be able to tell you that the exhibition itself is lovely, but as I had flu instead of going to the private view, I can’t yet.  Proper verdict next week, and in the meantime, perhaps I will see you there.

  • It really is awfully good to have you back.
    I have been missing my regular evening tangential browsing through the poster and design world due to your fascinating postings.

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