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Just a quick post today, between the merry whirl of activities that is the Easter holidays, to point you at a poster auction over in the States at PosterConnection.

There isn’t a huge amount of British interest, but what there is covers a lot of rather high-quality ground.  So there’s a Henrion and a Lewitt-Him for starters.

BOAC Speedbird Henrion vintage travel poster Poster Connection 1948
FHK Henrion, 1947, “suggested bid” $240

Lewitt Him, vintage airline travel poster 1948 Poster Connection
Lewitt-Him, 1948, $240

Along with this BOAC Eckersley, which I don’t think I’ve ever seen before.

Tom Eckersley vintage airline travel poster 1947 Speedbird Poster Connection
Tom Eckersley, 1947, $460

It’s interesting seeing Eckersley doing his own version of someone else’s design, in this case Theyre Lee Elliott‘s Speedbird logo. The result is still a classic, but it doesn’t quite warm my heart enough to make me want it, for some reason.

Unlike this Zero design for London Transport, which I do rather covet, probably more than any other poster in this auction.

Zero Vintage London Transport poster Central line 1947
Zero, 1947, $200

But in case those aren’t quite what you’re looking for, they’ve also got a Shell poster,

John Armstrong vintage shell poster Newlands Corner 1932
John Armstrong, 1932, $750

and some classic railways posters from both before and after the war,

Schabelsky LNER vintage railway poster Rambles 1935 Poster Connection
Schabelsky, 1935, $500

Buxton vintage railway poster British Railways 1958 Maddox
Maddox 1958, $280

as well as a delightful piece of 1950s kitschery – once again for Norfok.  Is there something in the air over there?

Great Yarmouth Vintage travel poster Poster Connection 1958
Anon, 1958, $170

All of which makes a pretty good whirlwind tour in a very few posters.  And then there is also this – a chance to see Britain through the eyes of our fellow Europeans.

Dover, vintage German Travel poster cross channel Miessen 1956
Miessen, 1956, $220

Although I’m not sure that Dover was ever that alluring, not even in 1956.

Next time on Quad Royal, more auctions, as the new Christies catalogue has just popped through the letterbox.  But don’t get your hopes up too high, it’s definitely not as exciting as last time

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