I’m eBay, fly me

Once upon a time on eBay, it was possible to snag a bargain.  Now, everyone knows the value of everything, nothing’s sold at auction and what little you can get is a very expensive Buy It Now.  But I thought I would point you at this Lewitt-Him poster for the simple reason that I haven’t seen it before.

Lewitt Him Pan Am vintage travel poster eBay

Interesting, but I can’t say that I like it enough to pay $500 for it.

Elsewhere you can find this rather nice 1958 BEA poster.

1958 BEA vintage travel poster from eBay

Which also has an interesting story, as it was apparently the winning design in the BEA Christmas poster competition  for 1958.  But once again, at $350, I don’t think I’ll bother.

And finally, a curiosity.  It’s by Royston Cooper – but can this be the same one?

It’s from 1979 and it’s a souvenir from the Gordon Bennett balloon race, a fact which almost makes me think it’s a spoof.  Except who would bother.  Anyway, it failed to sell at £5.99, so I’m sure that if you emailed the seller and asked nicely, it could be yours.  And if anyone can tell me that this really is by Royston Cooper, I’d love to know how and why.

  • Well – it’s about time someone did a proper biography of Royston Cooper – I’ve been harbouring an amused suspicion he had a side-hobby as a balloonist – as this link implies (it’s the Gordon Bennett balloon race of 1980, this time):


    – and before you say that there may be more than one Royston Cooper, I say you’re right – but a Royston Cooper also designed a set of collectors cards featuring hot air balloons in the 1960s. I can’t find a live link to any now, but I seem to recall them being in the style of coloured victorian etchings, similar to the picture on the plate.

    I’m swayed by the idea that our poster designing Royston was a balloonist, it would fit with the fun of his posters, but I’m not sure – the illustrative style is rather different.

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