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Seeing as I was talking about Mount/Evans yesterday, here are a couple of Keep Britain Tidy posters which I believe are their work, or at least that of Reginald Mount.  He definitely designed this one, anyway.

Mount Evans Keep Britain Tidy vintage poster

And this one is clearly a relation.

Mount Evans Keep Britain Tidy vintage poster

They’ve both just gone on eBay, for £34 and £38 respectively, very reasonable for a nice pair of 30″ x 20″ Double Crowns.

I’ll post properly about Mount/Evans another day.  Although I don’t know a great deal about them (they worked for the Ministry of Information together in the war and then set up their own studio afterwards is about the long and the short of it), I can lay my hands on quite a lot of examples of the good stuff they did.  And if anyone can tell me any more about their careers in the meantime, that would be great.

And of course the Quad Royal Twitter logo is a Mount/Evans design.

Mount/Evans don't brag about job vintage poster

This particular poster was designed for government offices in 1960, but is another image that has gone viral across the web because it was included in the Cold War Modern exhibition at the V&A in 2008-9.  But still, a useful motto for modern life, I think.

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