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Profit Margin

Following on from the comments on my last piece about the inexplicable gap between eBay prices and elsewhere, a couple of instructive compare and contrasts for you. Firstly, this excellent piece of sixties-iana, about which I know nothing except the rather obvious fact that it is for Pan Am. Oh, and that its current asking […]

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Quite a Lot

Incoming at Crownfolio Towers has been the story this week. Three times in the last couple of weeks a job lot of posters has come up on eBay and, as no one else seemed to want them very much, three times they’ve ended up as ours.  Net result, more posters than one household strictly needs […]

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So the Central Office of Information is to be no more (news here in the Guardian).  This is a sad end because once upon a time they produced some rather wonderful posters.  Here’s a handy thought from them for this time of the year. Coincidentally, I reccently bought a history of the COI from Abebooks. […]

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When did you last see an auction?

So, spring is in the air and the auctions are springing up like dandelions on  the lawn.  Christies is tomorrow, as mentioned before, and in the meantime two more catalogues have popped up on the web, Onslows and Van Sabben, with auctions on the 18th May and 4th June respectively. I’ll start with Onslows first, […]

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Lucky Dip

As promised last week, it’s random image day – a whole heap of posters that I have discovered along the way but not managed to use in a post.  All sizes, all shapes, every one a great piece of design. Here’s a Mount/Evans for starters – it’s from the V&A collection and I’ve never seen […]

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Guardian writer bien informée

I’ve been overtaken by events over the last few days, which has eaten into my thinking and posting time more than I would have liked.  Fortunately, Sam Leith in today’s Guardian has been writing intelligently about posters, so that I don’t have to.  His points about the decline of lithography and the absence of concept […]

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