Every poster tells a story

Well, a few do at least.  This justaposition is so wonderful that I have pulled it out from the comments for a post all its own – but it’s not my discovery, the Eye-Spy skills belong to mm instead.

So, here is the Ramsgate poster, as posted on Monday, from the Swann Galleries sale.

Alan Durman vintage travel poster Ramsgate 1955

I have subsequently discovered that it’s by Alan Durman and dates from about 1955.  And that date turns out to be important, because this isn’t the only poster he did for the town.  But perhaps I should let the next two posters speak for themselves.

Alan Durman vintage Ramsgate poster 1958

Alan Durman Vintage Ramsgate poster 1950 British railways

How brilliant is that?  It’s like a Just Seventeen picture story in posters.  The other two are, of course, by Alan Durman as well and date, according to Christies at least, from 1958 and 1960 respectively.  I’m impressed that she made the bikini last so long.  A huge thank you to mm for finding the series, it’s quite made my day.


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