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Manfred Reiss Vintage post office savings bank poster

He’s by Manfred Reiss and I would guess dates from some point in the late 50s, although as he’s not yet in the BPMA catalogue I can’t give you an exact date.

Reiss did quite a few designs for the GPO, as well as for ROSPA during and just after the war, but the Post Office seems to have been his main source of work.  I’ve been meaning to post this 1949 image for a few weeks now, simply because I like it.

Manfred Reiss vintage GPO poster 1949

There is also a small biography on wikipedia as well if you’re interested.  I suspect I may be able to dig up more, but that may have to wait until later on as events are slightly conspiring against me today.  More on Reiss, and some slightly convoluted thoughts about the afterlife of WW2 Home Front posters when they stop.


  • As keeper of the QuadRoyal photo library I can inform you that all of the coins whose date I can make out in the original photo seem to have been minted in 1955.

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