This post is basically me waving the white flag of surrender for the next week or so while the house move finally takes place.  But instead of a white flag I thought I would offer you a pale poster instead.

Vintage Post Office Savings Bank poster Combs pre war

I know this isn’t in the best condition ever, but it’s interesting enough to be worth looking at anyway.  I know precisely nothing about it (the Post Office Savings Bank posters aren’t archived on line yet) except that it is good and that I don’t think I’ve seen very many pre-war POSB posters before now, if indeed any.  Oh and the signature says, I think, Coombs, but I am none the wiser for that either.

I’m hoping to be back within a week, not least because the Onslows catalogue for the December sale is now up.  But perhaps you could all go and have a look and crowd-source some opinions for me in the meantime.

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