Nothing warms the cockles of my heart like an auction with lovely low estimates on posters.  It gives me the hope that we may still be able to buy something cheaply here and there.  So I’m very happy to see a whole set of posters like this coming up next month at Dreweatt’s Donnington Priory Salerooms.

Fred Taylor Hampton court by tram 1929
Fred Taylor, 1929, est £100-150

Given that these are being advertised on The Saleroom, there is of course almost no chance that they will go for anything near the advertised price.  Never mind, shall we have a look at them and pretend that they are affordable anyway?

Although you’d think Dreweatts would know what this Percy Drake Brooksbaw poster is worth by now, they’ve sold several before, and for more than this estimate.

PErcy Drake Brookshaw poster boat race London Transport 1937
Percy Drake Brookshaw, 1937. est. £200-300

Once again, it’s from the artist’s family by direct descent.  Precisely how many did he keep?  The house must have been stacked with the things.

As a whole, the auction contains an interesting selection of posters, though, and worth looking at regardless of the prices, because there are some unusual ones in there. I’ve never come across this London Transport poster before, for example.

A London Underground poster, 'Q.E.D.', 1929, by Margaret Calkin James
Margaret Calkin James, 1929, est. £150-200

While this probably has to be the design highlight of the whole sale.

London Underground poster, 'Trooping the Colour / June 3rd / Horse Guards Parade / St. James' Park or Trafalgar Sq. Station', 1922, by Charles Paine
Charles Paine, 1922, est. £100-150

Also included are an interesting selection of McKnight Kauffers – interesting in the sense that they are not the usual suspects.

London Underground poster, 'The Indian Museum / Book to South Kensington / Open Day / ... / Admission Free', 1925, by Edward McKnight Kauffer
McKnight Kauffer, 1922, est. £150-200

London Underground poster, 'from WINTERS GLOOM to SUMMERS JOY', 1927, Edward McKnight Kauffer
McKnight Kauffer, 1927, est £150-200

London Underground poster, 'Summertime / Pleasures by Underground', 1925, by Edward McKnight Kauffer
McKnight Kauffer, 1925, est. £120-150.

That last one is actually a hidden bonus in lot 83, so for that estimate, you also get a school trips poster and this too.

London Underground poster, 'When Wet Travel Underground It's Drier', 1922, by Cecil Dillon McGurk
Cecil McGurk, 1922, est. £120-150

It’s not just London Transport posters either, there are also some railway posters too, of which this is the most unusual.

Southern Railway poster, 'excursions to the continent and channel isles / ask for SR programme', circa 1920s, by 'HT' (possibly Harry Tittensor)
HT, 1920s, est. £100-150

Aperitifs with the artists in cosmopolitan Paris.  I’m booking now.

Although if you prefer less bohemian, your tastes will also be catered for too.

 British Railways (Western Region) poster, 'Aberystwyth / where holiday fun begins', circa 1956, by Harry Riley
Harry Riley, 1956, est. £100-120

Now all I need to do is remember to check back at the start of April and find out what these actually went for.  On which note, it’s the Bloomsbury Poster Auction today, and I will be interested to see what other people think that GPO posters are worth these days.

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