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Apologies for the long gap, summer holidays and renovations are rather eating into my writing time.  But I am going to dash in quickly now to tell you a bit more about the furthcoming Swann auction, because that is coming up in just four days time, on the 9th.

Anon, Florida, Trans Canadian airlines poster
Anon, 1950s, est. $400-600

Not unreasonably, it’s almost entirely stuffed with American posters, with European posters coming in a close second.

Esteban Santander poster 1958
Esteban,  1958, est. $400-600

But nonetheless, there are a few interesting items worthy of our British notice.

Harry Beck London Transport poster Chess Valley Rambles 1933

I mentioned the Harry Beck poster above last week, but if London Transport is your thing, there is also a Percy Drake Brookshaw on offer.

PERCY DRAKE BROOKSHAW (1907-1993) GREEN LINE in all weathers 1936 London Transport poster

It comes with a pair, as does this Betty Swanwick.

Betty Swanwick, Kew Gardens, London Transport poster 1937
Betty Swanwick, 1937, est. $400-600

Which comes as part of a job lot with a Dora Batty.  This is a bit text heavy, but even so both this and the Brookshaws don’t look expensive at all.

There are a similarly small number of railway posters on offer, but the few that there are do at least have the grace to be interesting.  I’ve never come across this rather jolly number before.

Broads, Arthur Michael 1937 railway poster
Arthur Michael, 1937, est. $1,000-2,000

While further down the listings you can also find this, which is another one to add to my list of industrial posters produced by the raliway companies.

1935 Albert Martin South Wales Docks Railway poster
Albert Martin, 1935, est. $700-1,000

Moreover, it’s a bit different to the ones we were discussing before, as its purpose doesn’t seem to be to demonstrate the glory of England’s industrial north, but rather to advertise a service to manufacturers, or indeed anyone else who would like to export things.

A forage in the National Railway Museum’s collections does reveal a couple more like this too, so it wasn’t a one off.

ÔCapacity/Mobility on the LNERÕ, LNER poster, 1933. Poster produced by London & North Eastern Railway (LNER) showing the Dogtooth Loading Dock, Ardwick, Manchester. Artwork by Henry George Gawthorn (1879-1941), who started out as an architect but later turned to pictorial art. He wrote several books on poster design and publicity and produced posters for LNER. He often inserted a self-portrait into many of his posters, complete with pince-nez and a panama hat.

Hull: Britains Cheapest PortÕ, LNER poster, 1929.

Although from 1933 and 1929 respectively, they are both by the same artist, Henry Gawthorn.  What that signifies, though, I don’t know.

Again, there are a few British World War Two posters are to be found lurking amongst the americana, like this Henrion.

FREDERIC HENRI KAY HENRION (1914-1990) VD / A SHADOW ON HAPPINESS. 1943.  British World War Two propaganda poster
FHK Henrion, 1943, est. $700-1,000

Graphically superb, but I’m not about to frame it and hang it on the wall.

And there’s also this Pat Keely, which I don’t think I’ve ever come across until now.

PATRICK COKAYNE KEELY (?-1970) THE NAVY THANKS YOU. 1943.  British propaganda poster ww2
Pat Keely, 1943, est. $800-1,200 

Along with a ton of these, which are good if you like pictures of machinery but that’s about all I can say in favour of them.

1942 briitish propaganda poster world war two help britain finish the job anon
Anon, 1942, est. $600-900

Terence Cuneo 1942 British propaganda poster world war two gun Help Britain Finish the Job
Anon, 1942, est. $600-900

The bottom one is apparently by Terence Cuneo, although that doesn’t seem to make any difference to the estimate.

Finally, there’s also an old favourite.

Denis Constanduros Farmers Prefer Shell poster

This is one of the posters which, a while back, led to my finding out a lot about Denis Constanduros and his aunt Mabel.  The short version is that he produced a few excellent posters and then was lured into broadcasting, quite possibly by his famous aunt Mabel.  Full details here and again here if you need to know more.

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