Your war posters need you

I am back from holidays but now have the most appalling toothache and can’t think straight.  But I do need to string just enough sentences together to tell you about this.

war poster chat thingy

An entire seminar at The National Army Museum at which lots of people who know about wartime posters are going to be speaking, and then so am I.  Should be entertaining, although in what way I am not sure.  I will do my best though.

Full details here, and perhaps I will see you then.  If this blooming toothache ever goes away that is.

  • Many thanks for posting a link to this event. There are some great speakers including yourself (of course !) and James Taylor who is launching his controversial new book on Leete’s famous First World War Kitchener Needs You ! poster. Also speaking is Catherine Flood who’s got a great new book out about post war British posters, and graphic designer Brian Webb who will be talking about his recent book on Abram Games.
    If you follow the link from Dusty Pegg, you’ll see that NAM has recently acquired 45 hand signed original posters designed by Games for the war effort. Some (or potentially all) of these will be on display at the event.
    Best wishes
    David Bownes (National Army Museum)

  • All of which sounds a lot of fun, with the possible exception of having to listen to me.

    We will, however, have to have some kind of Quad Royal secret handshake so that we can all recognise each other.

  • How did it go?

    Were there many there?*

    * That was Carol’s gran’s favourite question for anyone who admitted they’d been anywhere.

  • A select gathering is I think the phrase, but they were all people who knew their stuff, which made it just a tad intimidating. I will post a bit more tomorrow.

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