Spying on posters

Another photograph from Twitter for your amusement.  This time, it’s Vauxhall Bridge in the late 1950s.

Traffic on Vauxhall Bridge with posters to one side

The bomb site/development area hidden by the posters will one day become Terry Farrell’s MI5 headquarters.

Mr Crownfolio says that we have a copy of the Keep Britain Tidy poster, which I think is by Amstutz, but I can’t find any record of it if we do.  And if anyone can identify anything else, I will be much obliged.  I’ve put the picture on here giant sized (just click on it to see) so that you can have a good peer.  All I know is that the poster nearest us, but the traffic lights, is for the Radio Times.

And while we’re here, there is a whole page of Guinness posters in situ.  This hoarding is probably about the same period as the picture above.

Gilroy Guinness poster crocodile on hoarding 1957

As indeed are these Eckersleys on a bus, probably.

Bus with Eckersley Guinness poster

Should these have whetted your appetite, you can find lots more of them here.  Have fun.


It turns out that we did have the poster after all.

Amstutz litter poster

I couldn’t find it because a) it doesn’t actually say Keep Britain Tidy on it and b) we hadn’t got round to cataloguing it anyway.  I hope you are enjoying the carpet too.

Mr Crownfolio would also like to ask whether any of you think, as he does, that this knight has more than a passing resemblance to one D Cameron?

And thank you to everyone for the dating, in the comments and by email – much appreciated.

  • The children’s novel “Tyrant King” was published by London Transport in 1967, and turned into a TV series in 1968, so the top photo most probably dates from one of those years, as it is advertised on the front of the bus. This dating is supported by the 1960s psychedelia [which I think I recognise but can’t identify] sharing the hoarding with the knight on the rocking horse and by the Ford Transit [introduced in 1965] behind the “Cuffs” van.

    I can’t help much on identifying the posters though; the one in the distance seems to be for Esso Extra, and the one to the right of the “Cuffs” van is possibly for Players No6 are my only offers.

    The colour photo is from a decade earlier, however, as the palladium show advertised dates from 1957. See http://www.guidetomusicaltheatre.com/shows_w/wereball.htm


  • Great post.
    That Radio Times poster in the first picture is by our old pal Hans Unger.

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