The lovely Daphne Padden tea towels that To Dry For produced along with us have now been on sale for a year, and, I am pleased to report, are doing very well.  So much so that you can now by Daphne Padden stuff in Heals and Liberty’s.  Which is only as it should be really.

To Dry For Daphne Padden kitchen baking tea towel

In fact, they’ve done so well, that we’re branching out, in the form of these rather wonderful place mats, from some different Daphne Padden designs.

Spring Daphne Padden mats Beast in Show

Not just the summer design either, also its spring and autumn companions.

Daphne Padden spring mats Beast in Show


Daphne Padden Autumn place mats Beast in Show


If you”d like to buy them, click on the relevant image here on the Beast in Show website.  The place mats are available right now, the coasters following any moment.  And I can certify that they are all lovely, as we are already using a set of each here at Crownfolio HQ (well we would, wouldn’t we).  Or you could hassle your local shop to stock them, in the interests of good taste and everyone owning as much Daphne Padden design as they can manage.  Which has to be a good thing, don’t you think?

  • I WANT those placemats…. and birthday coming up! 🙂 Wish there was a winter set though – I am a completeist after all!

  • Yes, I wish that she’d done a winter one too, but I’ve never seen a trace of it anywhere.

    My guess – for what it’s worth – is that the coach companies never ran that many excursions in winter, and so she was never asked to design one in the first place. Although I’d quite like it to turn up and prove me wrong!

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