Mountain sand and sea

Still in catch up mode, there is also a GCR railwayana auction on Saturday (yes, the kind of Saturday that is tomorrow).  There are lots of posters up for grabs but, it has to be said, no real surprises, though it’s still worth a tour.

What we do have is a fair number of tourist towns on offer, mostly rendered in pastel shades.

A BR(E) double royal poster, SOUTHWOLD, NEAR HALESWORTH, East Coast Landmarks, by Frank Mason
Frank Mason, est, £150-300

A BR(S) double royal poster, CHICHESTER, by Claude Buckle British Railways
Claude Buckle, est. £100-200

Which is probably why I like this rather more flamboyant attempt better.

A British Railways (E) double royal poster, ESSEX, by Hooper.
Hooper, est. £80-120

With this exuberant Brookshaw a close second.

 BR(M) double royal poster, THE LUNE VALLEY, by Brookshaw British Railways
Percy Drake Brookshaw, est £80-120

Note that the ones which I like are much cheaper, clearly because I have no taste at all.

You will also find a whole heap of seaside posters.

A BR(W) double royal poster, BARMOUTH, for Mountain, Sand and Sea, by Harry Riley British railways
Harry Riley, est. £300-500

Many of which are by Harry Riley, although, curiously, a large proportion also seem to feature people standing on the promenade.  What can this mean?

A BR(W) double royal poster, ABERWYSTWYTH, by Harry Riley British Railways
Harry Riley, est £150-300

A BR(W) double royal poster, PORTHCAWL, by Harry Riley British Railways
Harry Riley, est. £250-400

A BR(NE) double royal poster, BRIDLINGTON, by George Ayling British Railways
George Ayling, est. £150-300

But all is not entirely lost to the world of Ladybird picture book style illustration.  To start with, there are three posters by Studio Seven.  We might own a copy of the first one, but I don’t rightly know as the cataloguing system on the computer has keeled over.  Must fix that one day.

A BR(M) double royal poster, BUXTON, by Studio Seven British Railways
Studio Seven, est. £80-120

A BR double royal poster, CAMPING COACHES, by Studio Seven British Railways
Studio Seven, est. £100-200

A BR(M) double royal poster, THE CALEDONIAN, a new fast train, London and Glasgow, by Studio Seven British Railways
Studio Seven, est. £80-120

I don’t know anything about Studio Seven at all, even though I do like their style, so if anyone can enlighten me I’d be very grateful.  Lots of other people have called themselves Studio Seven over the years, so the internet doesn’t prove very useful on this one.

In a similar style, there is also a Lander.

A BR(M) double royal poster, ISLE OF MAN, by Lander British Railways
Lander, est. £80-120

I have to say that I’ve never thought of the Isle of Man as a continental resort before now, and I don’t think this poster is going to change my mind.

After that, we are pretty much down to any other business, like this Southern Region poster that I like for no particular reason.

A Southern Railway double royal poster, SUMMER CONDUCTED RAMBLES, by Audrey Weber railway poster
Audrey Weber, est. £200-350

Along with this frankly rather frightening late Newbould, which can’t have done wonders for Nottingham’s tourism figures.

A BR(E) double royal poster, NOTTINGHAMSHIRE, by Frank Newbould British railways
Frank Newbould, est. £150-300

And finally, for those of you who want to spend a four figure sum on a poster, there is also Newbould’s reworking of the Hassell classic.

A LNER royal quad poster, SKEGNESS IS SO BRACING, by Frank Newbould, after J. Hassall. The classic image of the Jolly Fisherman Railway poster
Frank Newbould, est. £1,500-2,000


  • Harry Riley posters are an interesting subject on their own – must see if anyone has studied his work. He did a lot of seaside resorts in various forms, but often with promenades, and also often with a woman normally with blonde hair, and again often with a small boy, slightly older girl and a dog, but not always all together. Was he just painting his family holidays?

    Shame about Studio Seven, I was going to ask you about them, so let’s hope someone reading this can provide some insight.

  • Yes, and he’s the kind of artist you’d think someone would have researched. Do let me know if you find anything. Or indeed his holiday photos.

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