D I Y Barbara Jones

Barbara Jones is becoming increasingly collectable.  At least that’s the message I’m getting from eBay.  We recently watched a whole collection of BBC schools booklets go past; most went for one or two pounds if they sold at all.  The one exception was this. By Barbara Jones, it sold for £21.50. All of which preamble […]

What the Dickens, Miss Jones

I was going to try and order the Recording Britain pieces so that they told a story, but that requires a kind of logical organisation which eludes me at the moment. Also I have spilt coffee on my keyboard and now my space bar doesn’t work properly, so writing is harder work than it needs […]

Why Miss Jones

Another rave from the grave for the last of the holiday season.  This is revived mainly because it is not possible to have too much Barbara Jones on this blog, but also because I have been reading about her work for the Festival of Britain and will be posting about it in due course (due […]

Recording Britain: an introduction

Right, we are going a bit off-piste for a while, mainly because I have a bunch of interesting stories that don’t have a home elsewhere. For the last few working weeks I’ve been immersing myself in the Recording Britain archives, which the V&A have, mostly, put online. I’ve written about Recording Britain on here before, […]

The eyes have it

This was my Christmas present. If only I could go back in time to actually attend the private view. It was sent through the post to Herbert Simon at the Curwen Press, hence the postmark smudges on the front. It’s been staring at me from the bookshelves for a couple of weeks now, and after […]

Owls in the kitchen

A mysterious package arrived in the post a few weeks ago.  Unannounced and anonymous, it turned out to be  a small selection of materials about one of my favourite artists and people, Barbara Jones. There’s a couple of booklets – one a catalogue of an exhibition in Marlborough in 1999, the other a review of […]