Where are we?

Just when I thought I’d got on top of the auction situation, another one pops up.  This time it’s Onslows, whose winter sale will be on 19th December.  The catalogue isn’t up yet, but there are a few preview images to whet your appetite, of which this is my favourite. Frank McNamara, circa 1950, est. […]

Keeping in Touch

In the last post I only managed to get through about half the auctions that are out there  so today for your entertainment and edification, here is part two.  But first, a small digression.  Lest people think I have been victimising Christies over their high prices, I have to report that the problem is much […]

In touch with the everyday life of the nation

As promised last week, another look at Sotherans and their new-found love of posters which I had hitherto never thought of as valuable, never mind the preserve of a Mayfair dealer,  But I am always willing to learn. What’s most interesting about the latest crop of posters that they’ve put up on their website is […]

Up, up and away

Time, for a quick saunter round the Christies results.  Which were a mixed bag; some things sold, some things didn’t.  Some things sold for way over their estimate (we’ll come to those in a minute), some things for well under.    This Fred Taylor, for example, went for £250, despite an estimate of £600-800.  So […]