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Mammoth sale

Right, in my attempt to keep on top of things, a quick scamper through the forthcoming Swann Galleries auction.  Which is tomorrow, so you’d better be quick if you actually want to buy any of them.  Me, I’m just window-shopping, especially at these prices. All the prices are high, but then that’s a posh auction […]

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Swiss eye

I’ve mentioned Poster-Auctioneer before in passing – they’re a specialist poster auction house in Switzerland.  And until now I thought they only sold Swiss posters (for Swiss people, etc).  But either I hadn’t looked at their website properly, or they’ve expanded it, because now they have a poster shop with plenty of things for immediate […]

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Beck indeed

While I pointed out the P&O archive a while back, I also said that I wanted to come back to it.  And there’s one very good reason for doing so; his name is Richard Beck. The handful of posters that he produced for P&O are that rare thing, home-grown British modernism.  And it looks first […]

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