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Beware of the Swarf

Attic find of the year has to be awarded to RoSPA, who went into their warehouse  last year and discovered 700 old posters.  I dream of doing something like that.  Especially if it produces posters like this one. This is by Leonard Cusden from 1951, and it’s the original artwork, as is, it seems, much […]

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Going dutch

It was the Van Sabben poster auction on Saturday.  As usual, there weren’t too many British posters there, but this time those few were mostly of very high quality – and ones that don’t often turn up – so it’s worth taking a look at. To start with, there were five Abram Games.  This RAMC […]

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Collect Posters Carefully

These thoughts are the result of what was quite literally fall out from my previous musings about poster sizes.  When I was scanning Eckersley’s illustrations, his obituary (from The Times, August 18 1997) dropped out of Poster Design.  And it told me something I didn’t know. I’d always been aware of his being Tom Eckersley, […]

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