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When I first mentioned Artist Partners, I included a couple of the posters that Patrick Tilley had designed for the Sunday Times.

Patrick Tilley Sunday Times poster Provocative

Pleasingly, Patrick got in touch to tell me the story behind the posters .

BBDO – the agency – commissioned me to design one poster using the line “You are more interesting to know when you read the Sunday Times”.

I thought this was a bit of a mouthful so came up with the idea of illustrating a desirable quality possessed by the newspaper and its readers and offered six roughs which were all commissioned.

Patrick Tilley Sunday Times poster Entertaining

They were reduced to their simplest form and made with cut out paper. BBDO won a prize. My name was removed from the printed versions. But they made quite an impact at the time.

But there is a sequel.  He was also commissioned to produce a further set of six posters, which were paid for but never used.  So here they are, for the very first time.

Sunday Times poster dog Patrick Tilley

Sunday Times poster seal Patrick Tilley

Sunday Times poster statue and bird Patrick Tilley

Sunday Times poster cockerel Patrick Tilley

Sunday Times poster balloon Patrick Tilley

Sunday Times poster Patrick Tilley bee

What on earth were they thinking of?  They’re better than the first set.  The colours, in particular, are stunning.

I wonder how many other unused but brilliant posters there are out there?  Anyone got any thoughts?

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