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AP Again

As the piles of boxes grow around me, here are some more Artist Partners delights from the archives. Today, a second helping of the AP2 Artists Partners book.  (Is it a brochure?  a catalogue?  I’m not entirely sure how to address it). I ran through a few of the obvious highlights by the big names […]

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AP, again

While everything is in flux here at Quad Royal central (I am writing this in a room already stacked with boxes and wev’e still got a week to go) I thought I would dig out a few posts from the earlier days of the blog which are worth revisiting, especially as not everyone will have […]

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Advanced or gimmicky?

It’s a bit unfair to apply too much hindsight to other people’s critical judgements.  Classics are sometimes not spotted as such at the time, while designs that are feted often don’t stand the test of time. But in the case of posters, it’s so rare to get any kind of contemporary reaction to them that […]

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Today, a very unusual sight.  Yet it’s one that shouldn’t be a rarity at all, because it’s posters doing what they are intended to do, advertising things.  Here on hoardings sometime in the mid 1950s. Mostly, this is such an everyday scene that no one takes any notice, never mind a photograph.  But this time, […]

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I mentioned a while ago that we’d got something interesting on eBay.  Well now they’ve arrived so you are going to have to suffer a bit of crowing.  Because it’s not only this. But also this. And this too. Along with the other three posters in the set.  As mentioned before on here, they were […]

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Such is the confusing nature of the modern world that telegrams have been arriving in my inbox.  I’d rather they were delivered by a messenger with brass buttons on his jacket, but I guess that’s not really an option any more.  Nonetheless, all of them are still very much worth looking at. Laura Figiel sent […]

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