Such is the confusing nature of the modern world that telegrams have been arriving in my inbox.  I’d rather they were delivered by a messenger with brass buttons on his jacket, but I guess that’s not really an option any more.  Nonetheless, all of them are still very much worth looking at.

Laura Figiel sent me these two.  The first, from 1957 is by Barbara Jones.

Barbara Jones GPO greetings telegram

Excellent owl-work there.  Just in case you were wondering as I did, the news is that  the twins are now both 52, and one of them is Laura’s mother.

This 1956 example, meanwhile, is by Fritz Wegner.

Fritz Wegner GPO greetings telegram

Now I can’t tell you very much about him, I’m afraid, except that he has quite possibly gone on to illustrate children’s books, including some by Allen Ahlberg.  Which might lead me on to a post tomorrow.  I shall say no more until then.

This isn’t strictly a telegram, but it is a greeting.  It’s by Patrick Tilley, and was designed to send postal orders in.

Postal Order artwork by Patrick Tilley

Now these do come up on eBay every so often and aren’t expensive at all – the Wegner sold a couple of months ago for just £6.  So if you want lovely graphics for not very much money at all, the telegram is your friend.  And no one will ever say that about an email.

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