To war, again

It’s auctions a-go-go this week.  And the next on our list is yet another tranche of World War Two posters for Wallis and Wallis down in darkest Sussex, to be sold on Tuesday.

Make Do and Mend Vintage WW2 poster

I’m rather reluctant to deal with what’s on offer this time round  (61 lots, a good hundred posters at a guess) because the whole set up makes my head ache.  It’s not just the fact that they’ve listed the posters as being either A3 or A1, when they surely must be in Imperial measurements.

Even more frustratingly, only eleven of the posters are actually illustrated, and those seem to have been chosen by sticking pins in the catalogue at random.  World War I recruiting poster in Welsh, anyone?

World War I vintage recruiting poster in Welsh

Independence calls for the bravest man, apparently.

Or then this,

Lubricating Oil is imported in tankers vintage ww2 poster Wallis and Wallis sale

which has been illustrated in preference to a Dame Laura Knight poster for “War Pictures by British Artists. National Gallery Trafalgar Square”.  Apparently it’s an image of a barrage balloon, but I can’t find it anywhere and would love to have seen it.

One or two classics have been illustrated.

Keep Mum vintage WW2 poster Wallis and Wallis auction

Along with this one, which I’ve never seen before but rather like.

Hit Back By Doing War Work vintage ww2 poster Wallis and Wallis

It would have been nice to have known the artist, or whatever other information is in that small print, but of course they’re not telling.

Plenty more other gems are almost certainly lurking in the catalogue, but I simply don’t have the whole day or more that it would take me to try and track down every single poster they mention.  This one is definitely on offer.

Womens Land Army ww2 poster wallis and wallis

As are a whole heap of fuel economy Bateman posters (at least eleven, spread seemingly at random among six different lots), along with a Fougasse on the same theme.

Fougasse Don't waste fuel poster ww2 wallis and wallis

There are plenty of other fuel economy posters in there too; not all, however, are classics.

Fuel watcher vintage ww2 poster wallis and wallis

There are also two more lots of the Beverley Pick ATS recruiting posters which were pointed out to me in the last auction.

Beverley Pick ATS recruiting poster ww2

I’d like to be able to tell you what those fetched in the last sale, but, frustratingly, the Wallis and Wallis website doesn’t even have results on it so I can’t.

I’ll post about Pick again one of these days, as I’ve dug out more of his/her war posters, and they’re all good.  And if anyone has any more information about their work in the meantime, I’d love to know.

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