Advance poster warning

Today, a couple of odds and ends where nothing is happening yet, but will in due course.

Firstly,  the Morphets site is trailing Part Three of the Malcolm Guest collection, which are the 2,000 or so (if my memory serves me correctly) post-1960 posters from the collection.  Not as interesting to railway buffs, very interesting to Crownfolio.  At the moment they are teasing us with just two tiny jpegs.

3 day tour south devon poster morphets another post 1960 railway poster that I can't see

I know nothing of either of these posters, so if you can tell me who or what they are, I’ll be very grateful.  In the meantime, Mr Crownfolio and I will start saving the pennies for July.

At the other end of the country, Wallis and Wallis are selling some more HMSO posters in early May.  I blogged about the last sale, which included some interesting ATS recruiting posters.

ATS Cook HMSO vintage poster Wallis and Wallis

Amazingly, those first twenty lots fetched almost £15,000 (full story here), which is fairly mindboggling, given how little these kind of posters used to go for just a few years ago.  I also didn’t find them a desperately inspiring bunch either, but I am guessing they appealed more to WW2 collectors than poster/design collectors, so am perhaps not that well-qualified to comment.

Land girls ww2 vintage poster wallis and wallis auction

The lots on sale in May will come from the same batch, which were apparently saved by a worker at a printing firm when he was asked to throw them out, hence their mint condition, but Wallis and Wallis aren’t giving away too many details yet, apart from the image above.    More news as it happens.

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