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Further Coaching

It’s the last stage of the giant Daphne Padden archive-fest on Quad Royal.  Most of the posters I’m putting up today are for coach companies and so have at least been seen before.  In fact well over half of these are on sale at Morphets tomorrow, so if you take a fancy to any of […]

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By coach to Harrogate

In the immortal words of Smash Hits, it’s back – back, back, back. Tom Eckersley, Paignton, 1960 What else can I be talking about but the gift that keeps on giving, the Morphets auction of Malcolm Guest railway posters.  Part One was in January, Part Two I mostly ignored because its main attraction was a […]

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Advance poster warning

Today, a couple of odds and ends where nothing is happening yet, but will in due course. Firstly,  the Morphets site is trailing Part Three of the Malcolm Guest collection, which are the 2,000 or so (if my memory serves me correctly) post-1960 posters from the collection.  Not as interesting to railway buffs, very interesting […]

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Mr Bawden designs a railway poster

You’d think that the subject of the Morphet’s auction had been well and truly exhausted – it was only a poster sale after all.  But there was one more thing I wanted to say about it, and that’s Edward Bawden. I knew he’d done some rather wonderful London Transport posters before now. This one was […]

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Railway posters vs design

It was a long day, watching the Morphets auction.  And as all of those posters went buy, one after another going for way more than the Crownfolio budget, I found myself getting more and more jaded.  Until, by the end of the auction, I was quite glad that we’d only bought one single lot. It […]

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The biggest poster auction ever. Perhaps.

As mentioned below, the Morphets sale last month was a one-off spectacular the likes of which may not be seen again for some time. This was certainly true in the Crownfolio household, where the event involved three computers (two downstairs for watching while child-minding and cooking, one upstairs for actually placing bids) and an entire […]

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