Mr Bawden designs a railway poster

You’d think that the subject of the Morphet’s auction had been well and truly exhausted – it was only a poster sale after all.  But there was one more thing I wanted to say about it, and that’s Edward Bawden.

I knew he’d done some rather wonderful London Transport posters before now.

Edward Bawden London Transport half pair poster

This one was also in the Morphets sale (estimate £150-£200, sold for £1200, I say no more).  It’s half of a pair poster from 1952 and is rather wonderful.

But what really surprised me was this.

Edward Bawden York railway poster

For the very simple reason that I had no idea that he had ever designed a railway poster.  It’s from 1954 and is a Quad Royal depicting the York mystery plays*. The National Railway Museum collection only has this one.  Are there any more out there that I don’t know about? Or is it unique?

*And it only went for £440, so with hindsight I wish I’d bit a bit more bravely on it.  Never mind.

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