Friday Miscellany

Odds and ends from the internet today.  Mostly because I wanted to post this.

Tom Eckersley aluminium elephant

Normally it lives on the shelf in Richard Hogg‘s studio.  Lucky him.

You can buy some later Eckersley on eBay at the moment too.

Tom Eckersley London Transport poster 1974 on eBya

We’ve got a copy of that already.  But I can say with some certainty that it didn’t cost £100, which is its starting price.

There on the other hand, people seem to have come back to eBay after the summer holiday lull with high expectations of what their posters are worth.

Both this Unger

Hans Unger 1966 London Transport poster from eBay

and this William Fenton reproduction (previously mentioned in despatches here)

William Fenton London Transport poster from eBay

are up with a starting price of £44.99.

But perhaps the seller isn’t deluded.  Because this delightful John Burningham – also a reproduction – has just sold for £56.01.

John Burningham London Transport Country Walks poster

The John Burningham book has arrived, by the way, and is an utter delight.  So more on him next week.  For now,  a look at the proper version of the poster above to cheer you up on a dull Friday morning.

John Burningham Country Walks London Transport poster

Perhaps I might even go on a country walk myself this weekend.

  • …not to mention the reproduction of Burningham’s winter LT poster, from the same seller, that went for £151.99 three weeks earlier!

  • Blimey – I must have missed that one while I was away. I wonder what a non-repro would go for? And it looks as though eBay prices are picking up a bit again, which is always cheering. Especially as I’ve got some stuff to sell when i get the time.

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