Owls, further

It’s seems to be book week here on Quad Royal.

I was leafing through the wonderful Barbara Jones book (as mentioned before, but I have now read it and it is worth every penny and some more) and found this.  It’s late Barbara Jones, from 1970, but she’d clearly lost none of her touch, especially where owls were concerned.

Barbara Jones Twit and Howlet book

There is more owlage on the other side.

Barbara Jones Twit and Howlet back cover

And, from the sound of it, even more within.

The Owls were a large family of uncles, aunts, cousins and Grandma, who lived in an oak-tree called The Pines. Howlet and Twit, the twins, were the youngest of them, and sometimes they were indulged and sometimes they were sat upon, like everyone else.

But I shall never know any more of it than that.

Because, having a thing for owls, and Barbara Jones owls most of all, I went out searching.

And it is there.  But it’s £650.  Ouch.

So no more pictures – unless of course someone out there has a copy?

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