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Chalet in Lucerne, anyone?

Polytechnic touring association brochure

I know, it’s not a poster and it’s quite early for Quad Royal.  But it’s here for a very good reason.

Anna McNally sent it over, and it’s from the University of Westminster archives. That’s the University of Westminster which used to be the Polytechnic of Central London and before that the Royal Polytechnic Institution.  And which used, rather brilliantly, have its own travel firm, the Polytechnic Touring Association.  Who issued brochures like the lovely one above for their own chalets in Lucerne.  They were big business back then.

But why am I telling you all of this?  Because in the 1950s, the PTA  merged with another large travel firm, and they formed one of the iconic names of the British High Street – Lunn Poly.  So the Poly in Lunn Poly was really a polytechnic.  I think that’s rather wonderful, don’t you?

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