We used to go to Midcentury at Dulwich before we left London to go west, but that’s a long time ago now, and they certainly didn’t sell any posters at it then.  But now they definitely do.

The next one’s tomorrow, and in a set of coincidences which make it look as though I have been planning this all week, you will be able to buy posters by both David Klein and Daphne Padden there.

David Klein Ireland travel poster from Travel on Paper

Daphne Padden coach poster for seaside

The David Klein is being sold by Travel on Paper, who will also be bringing a few very apt coach and railways posters along.

Bromfield Southern Region so near to the sea 1950s vintage poster

(I know that poster’s been on here before, and I still don’t know what it’s trying to tell me).

While Dan from Modernish will be selling the Padden, along with this technicolour gem.  Beware flying fishermen.

1950s vintage British Railways poster Skegness

One day I must do a small but important post on ‘Imagery of the British Fisherman in travel posters 1920-1960’.  Bet you can’t wait.

Anyway, there are other dealers there too, including Kiki Werth so there will definitely be more on offer.  And if anyone does go, can they come and report back here please.

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