Bunny’s Dinner

Now here’s something I never ever thought I’d see.  Daphne Padden’s sketch book from when she was just six years old.

Daphne Padden's first drawing notebook

Note period detail of LMR coal truck below.

Daphne Padden juvenilia

This would be a fantastic thing on its own, but what it means is that some more of Daphne Padden’s archive has turned up (with many thanks to Dan from Modernish who put it and me in touch).

I’ll post some more of it next week, when I’ve had a chance to get my thoughts together, but here is a taster for now.

padden on display

Anyone seen Animal and Zoo magazine before?  I haven’t.

But with all of these designs was also a stack of art and design magazines, including some lovely Graphis Annuals, and then these – a selection of little Art and Industry magazines from the early 1940s until late 1950s.

Art and Industry Magazine cover tom Eckersley

And yes, that cover is by Tom Eckersley.

Now it’s not a complete run and the magazines are tatty, but they are interesting in part because they’re tatty – the notes at each top corner are Daphne Padden’s own indexing system.

Art and Industry magazine

I would also imagine that these wartime editions have to be quite rare too, as I doubt that many were printed in the first place.

early art and industry magazine

These – along with the rest of the stuff – have been left to Oxfam who now have a duty as a charity to maximise the value of the bequest.  The Graphis magazines will probably go on eBay, but if anyone wanted to make a generous offer for the Art & Industry heap, let me know and I will pass it on.  Otherwise they will probably go to an auction.

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