That’s Entertainment

Today’s post has been brought to you courtesy of our postman, who rang the doorbell just as I started wondering what to write.  He was bringing us another classic menu by the wonderful Dorrit Dekk, at a guess from the early to mid 1960s.

Dorrit Dekk entertainment menu Canberra P&O

As ever, it’s not just a great design, it’s a window into another, vanished, world.  Would you care to meet our entertainers on this cruise around Fiji and the Solomon Islands?

“The Limits” – Beat Group
H.R. Hardie, Esq. – Lecturer from Sydney Stock Exchange
The Rory Irvine Trio
The Lee Kennedy Quartet
Sue Shakespeare, Disc Jockey

Oh brave new modern world that has Disc Jockeys in it.  And I haven’t even started on the Pyjama Dance or Golden Nugget.  I hope your weekend is as much fun as that.

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