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I am trying to write about how posters were made available like I promised to.  But there’s lots to get through and my brain hurts, so it isn’t going to be finished until tomorrow.

Fortunately, these arrived just about an hour ago to save my bacon.  (By the skin of their teeth, as the postman tried to wedge a very large carboard envelope through our slightly smaller letterbox.  Naughty postman.  Mr Crownfolio had to give him a stern talking to).

Dorrit Dekk P&O Menu 1971 front
P&O Entertainment Brochure for the Canberra, 1971

Luckily they have survived unscathed.  They’re all by Dorrit Dekk and they are all lovely.

Canberra P&O menu reverse
Canberra Entertainment Brochure 1971 reverse

As ever, they are a window into a totally different world, and one I’d quite like to live in.  Naples, Barcelona, Tilbury, anyone?

Dorrit Dekk Entertainment Programme 1965 Himalaya P&O
P&O Entertainment Programme for the Himalaya, 1965

I so don’t even know where to begin with the delights on offer.  Perhaps P&O themselves can explain.

menu of entertainments 1965

I shall never play deck tennis, nor see Ron and Millie Stubbs dance.  Nor shall I eat Coupe Jacques at the Fancy Dress Dinner either.

Menu for Fancy Dress Dinner on the Himalaya 1967
Fancy Dress Dinner Menu for the Himalaya, 1967.

Instead I can only admire the design, while wondering just how they did lower the level in the swimming pool.

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