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Hurrah, an auction; it feels as though we haven’t had one of those for ages.  Even better, an interesting auction too.  It’s Great Central Railwayana (9 April, Stoneleigh Showground, just in case you’re in the area).  As it’s a railwayana sale, there is of course a lot of this kind of thing, here by Claude Buckle.

New Brighton and Wallasey Vintage Claude Buckle

Because it’s a railwayana sale, there are also no estimates (why is that?) or dates either, so I can’t tell you very much about any of these posters. I can tell you that I quite like this one, more for its use of ‘twixt’ than its slightly archaic style.

New Milton vintage railway poster Danvers

And that I had to post this one, if only so that I can say by Eck.

Lock Eck vintage British railways poster Frank Sherwin

Which is of course exactly what the picture shows.

Other than that, there is an early example of a photographic poster, which is rare, but not exactly pleasing on the eye.

devon 1930s photographic vintage railway poster

Although I do rather want one of those swimsuits.

And another chance to revel in the delightfulness that is the camping coach.

Vintage Railway poster camping coaches with photographs British Railways

As well as this Bromfield poster, which is simply good.

Bromfield Swanage vintage Railway poster

But the real reason that I’m enthusiastic about this auction is that they seem to have stumbled across a previously unknown treasure trove of kitsch, advertising Dublin, Blackpool and Bognor Regis for starters.

Dublin vintage British Railways poster

Blackpool vintage British railway poster photographic

Bognor Regis vintage British Railway poster

The Ladybird school of illustration is quite well represented, with not just Bognor above, but also this classic.

Relax by rail - vintage British Railways poster

There are more besides, but my poster of the sale, for its pure distillation of 1950s camp has to be this one.

Norfolk Broads vintage British Railways poster

Oh I do wish there were estimates so I knew whether or not I could afford it.

  • It’s a shame it isn’t ByEck by Beck or indeed By Eck by Eckersley
    Some fabulous 50’s imagery here, its finger in the air valuation time (again)…

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