Well my trip was a definite success, you’ll be pleased to hear.  The mission was a trip to a solicitors’ office in the Home Counties in order to sift through some of the last remaning pieces from Daphne Padden’s estate.  And it was worth the journey up the A303, as I have come back with a whole carrier bag full of goodies.  From which there definitely is a very interesting story to tell, when I get the time to sift through it all properly.  In the meantime, some original artwork for your Friday delight.

The Torbay Express apparently still runs, but I bet it doesn’t have a menu as nice as this these days.

Daphne Padden Torbay Express menu artwork

This greetings telegram is wonderful in its detail.

Daphne Padden greetings telegram artwork

And also came with its own matching envelope.

Daphne Padden greetings telegram artwork envelope

As far as I can tell, this was never used.  I don’t think I’ve mentioned it before, but there is a small and good book about Greetings Telegrams by Ruth Artmonsky, which has a full list of all the commissioned designs, and there is nothing by Daphne Padden there.  I wonder why this was done in such detail then?

Finally, a small early sketch…

Daphne Padden old salt artwork

That fisherman is clearly a close cousin of this pair, with their black cat and pipes.

Daphne Padden Royal Blue poster ours from morphets

All of which is simply a taster, as there will be plenty more gems to come from the bag next week too.

  • Yes indeed, a very good job for someone! I’ve also put it out on Twitter, so hopefully it will find the right person – thanks for that.

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