Guinness Time

There’s not a great deal I can say about this.  It’s by Tom Eckersley and is from 1970.

Tom Eckersley Guinness Time cover 1970

The magazine is the Guinness in house magazine, and unless you want to see pictures of Edward Heath drinking Guinness and find out more about the Suggestions Awards, the contents are not enthralling.  So here’s the back.

Guinness Time cover reverse Eckersley

A slight departure from his usual minimalism and so good to see.  And, er, that’s it.

  • The idea of the tulip and the black gets refined.
    It resurfaces in the 1990s for the book and poster at LCP and London Institute (as was).

  • Not quite fair to say that, “there is not a lot to say about this” because apart from a nostalgic look at the early 1970’s there is a very good article by the Guinness Midlands Representative, Terry Keegan who was also the founder of the National Horse Brass Society in 1975. This article, though dated now, does show a couple of the kind of horse brass collections such as the Swan at Newland that used to feature in our public houses. That is until that damnably awful minimalist style took over and these collections were disposed of and we lost a certain magic from our country pubs; and a few of the town ones also!!!!

    R.I.P. Terry Keegan 17th May 1931-21st June 2012

    The Summer 1970 issue also features a very interesting article on Dray Horses and is accompanied by some superb photographs.

  • Apologies then, I should have been more accurate and said not much to say for fans of Tom Eckersley…

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