Mr Crownfolio has been diversifying into ephemera again.  But I can’t really complain when it’s as good as this.  And anyway, we haven’t had a nice Eckersley on the blog for a while.

Tom Eckersley British Railways leaflet Holiday runabout tickets 1960

But this isn’t some niche piece of design for a high-end firm.  What we have here is a popular leaflet produced by a giant nationalised industry.  I can’t think of anyone working in a similar way today.  Which is more than a shame, to me that represents a loss of respect for other people – respect for their intelligence and taste, but also a respect in terms of making the world better looking rather than uglier.  And that’s quite something to lose.

  • Hi… well said!…well said!
    I work as a reasonably successful freelance illustrator, and have yet to be commissioned for a poster campaign. I find it sad that we have a wealth of brilliant illustrators working in this country who are not utilised being commissioned for poster design. You look at the wonderful array of posters from the mid 20th Century, and it makes you wonder if we have lost what our understanding of what is ‘good design’. We perhaps need to have the government re-assess what is ‘good design’ like we did in ‘Britain Can Make It’ & ‘The Festival of Britain’ and the education services of the Design Council. If we are to come out of recession at all, we need to embrace our world beating skills in areas such as illustration.

  • Sadly the golden age of the commercial poster has, I think, been ended by television forever. Although I’d love to see some evidence to the contrary if anyone has any.

  • …sadly, I agree too…also, sadly has the era of great TV commercials been lost too! There was a short period when mobile phone companies were commissioning some great illustrators (around 6-7 years ago) and I was asked to create a billboard illustration for Vodafone (sadly didn’t make it – was replaced by a photograph) & I can think of a good deal of Orange publicity using some decent images. I can only live in hope!

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