People, bishops and mumbly-jumbly latin scholars

A bonus extra today.  I almost lumped this little treasure in with yesterday’s eBay news, until I decided that it deserved a post all its own.

Not that I have a huge amount to say other than this is rather wonderful.

Parade portfolio of posters Curwen Press 1965

It is a portfolio of posters from about 1965, designed by Bob Gill (there’s a good interview with him here too) with words by Keith Botsford and printed by the Curwen Press.  So top notch stuff, which just happens to be designed for children.

There are nine posters in total (or at least there are nine posters in this portfolio, perhaps there were more originally).

Parade portfolio of posters Curwen Press 1965 poster of knights

The instructions are pretty self-evident: arrange the posters to make the parade of your choice.

Parade portfolio of posters Curwen Press 1965 selection of posters

With my design head on I think its fantastic; from a more parental point of view I also wish we could still buy things as idiosyncratic as this now.  I sometimes think we under-estimate what children can take in these days. Here are some 1960s children enjoying it for the benefit of the camera.

Right now it is on eBay, although just for another day and a half, and with a starting price of about £65.  So we probably won’t be buying it, but I am very glad to have seen it anyway.


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