Lions in My Own Garden

Ebay can still, sometimes, come up with the goods.  Like this.

John Burningham Lionland Frieze 1966 front cover

For once it is possible to judge something by its cover, and so this is indeed a wall frieze by John Burningham, from 1966.  Mr Crownfolio watched the auction like a hawk for the ten days it was on, and was pleasantly surprised to get it for not that much money at all.

What’s more surprising is that inside, the whole thing is intact.

John Burningham Lionland Frieze 1966

Even though I can’t really photograph it in a way that shows you that.  At least not without turning the blog by 90 degrees.  So here goes anyway.

John Burningham Lionland Frieze 1966

It is the story of how the lion king and his family are tamed by a girl and a boy.

But I’m sure that much of the fun was in having it on your bedroom wall and making up  stories to fit the pictures yourself.

John Burningham Lionland Frieze 1966

What the whole thing looks like together can be seen on the front and back cover (furnishings by Heals, children’s clothes by Pollyanna).

John Burningham Lionland Frieze 1966 whole cover

It seems, from the brief amount of research I have done, that he did a number of these including Birdland, Storyland, Jungleland and Wonderland.

Jungleland and Wonderland were approved of by the Design Council, and I have the slides to prove it.

John Burningham Jungleland Frieze 1966

John Burningham Wonderland Frieze 1966

While this very comprehensive John Burningham blog also has pictures of Birdland, which I do like the look of a lot.


One is probably enough though.  It being all in one long strip does raise some rather interesting framing problems.  Well, either that or blutack it to the wall.

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