Proper Gander

An auction in Connneticut has this listed as a propaganda poster.

Claire Leighton vintage London Transport poster 1938

Which is clearly bonkers, even if it was produced in 1938.  At the same time though I find the idea intriguing.  Is it propaganda for trees, for the Chilterns or just for the subtle arts of Britishness?  Or are all London Transport posters in fact propaganda on behalf of Britishness, or the English?  It’s quite a persuasive thought and one I might take further one day.

In addition, it’s a very good poster too.  It came up in an auction recently and I liked it then, but didn’t quite get round to mentioning it.  The artist is Claire Leighton who, the London Transport Museum site tells me, had a really interesting life.  Although this, sadly, only left her time to design one other poster for London Transport, in the same year.

Claire Leighton vintage London Transport poster sheep 1938

I think I like that one even better.  And it’s very seasonal in this time of showers and lambing.  Has anybody got one spare for me?

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